How To Present Web Designs To A Client

It is important to ensure that your client approves of your web design before you start going too much into detail with the coding and development of the website, just in case you need to make little (or drastic) changes. It can be difficult for some clients to understand that they are just seeing a mock-up and not the actual website itself. So, what are the best ways to present web designs to clients, minimising the amount of confusion and questions?

Upload an image of the website to a web page and send the client the link

This method is much easier for your clients to identify with, as their web design is appearing much as it would if it was live. It can, however, raise many questions on the client’s behalf (such as ‘why don’t any of the links work?’), as some of them will believe that what they are looking at is an actual website.

Email the client a JPEG or PNG

This method is probably the simplest way of getting your web design mock up to the client, however, it can cause issues on the client’s end. Some people will only have a small screen resolution, meaning that the image may shrink when opened, making it very difficult for the client to view the mock up and raising additional questions (such as ‘why is the website so small?’).

Export the mock up in PDF

This method is able to prevent the issues encountered above with emailing the client the mock up, as the image won’t be opened in their default image viewing software – it will need to be opened in Adobe Reader. This means that the web design mock up will be the size that you want, and the client will not feel as if they are looking at the real thing.

Ask the client to meet with you in your office

This method is definitely the most preferred when it comes to presenting web designs to clients, as it allows you to show them in the format that it appears best in and for the two of you to discuss any queries or concerns face to face. With both your and their busy work schedules, however, this method is not always possible in practice.

These are by no means the only ways to present web designs to clients – some web designers prefer to create a ‘client studio’ that clients can log into when they wish to view a mock up, whilst others will send the clients printed versions of the design – they are the easiest and most preferred methods of many. It is also important to remember that, whatever method you use, the client will generally have a few questions.

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