Social Proof Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

Why do some surgeons charge 3-5X more than other surgeons… AND have a waiting list?

Why do vendors in our industry pay a ton of money to celebs to tout their lasers?

Because they know social proof marketing works!

According to Robert Cialdini, author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, “We view a behavior as more correct in a given situation to the degree that we see others performing it.”

That means when prospective cosmetic patients are uncertain about what to do, they look to other people around them they trust (or want to be like) such as experts, celebrities, friends, etc.

People also make judgments based on their overall impression of someone. For example:

We think anything that experts use is great because they are probably more knowledgeable than us in their area of specialization.
We buy products endorsed by celebrities because we want to look like them.
We trust user reviews because they have experienced the product or service, unlike ourselves.
Expert: Expert social proof is when an expert in your industry recommends your products or services or is associated with your brand. Example: Another trusted plastic surgeon endorses you.
Celebrity: Celebrity social proof is when a celebrity endorses your products. Example: Any Kardashian sings your praises.
User: User social proof is when your current users recommend your products and services based on their experiences with your brand. Example: Your current patients boast about you on their own social platforms.
The wisdom of your friends: This type of social proof is when people see their friends approve of your product or service. Example: Seeing their friends use your services and/or following you on social media.
Certification: This type of social proof is when you are given a stamp of approval by an authoritative figure/group in your industry. Example: Voted Top Doc or Castle Connolly endorsement.
Knowing these strategies is interesting but how do you incorporate them to make a difference in your own brand and status? Coming up….

Be creative and don’t be afraid to share your successes. Things you take for granted are a big deal to prospective cosmetic patients trying to figure out who is the BEST choice so implement these strategies to stand out:

Celebrate Milestones
Show gratitude for your user or follower milestones. Reaching milestones is a fun occasion to celebrate and a great time to thank the patients who have helped you achieve that.

Here are some of the milestones you can celebrate with your audience:

Reaching X patients served
Reaching X surgeries performed
Reaching X followers on your social media profile
Practice Anniversaries
Spread the word by sharing on your social media platforms, send e-blasts to your current patients, display in-house signage, and highlight on your website.

Use Micro-Influencer Marketing
Since you probably can’t get a Kardashian to be your celebrity social proof, here’s the next best thing.

Use your current patients with a strong social media influence in a niche area. It’s way more authentic when they actually had work done by you. Give them special pricing for helping you grow your practice.

Have your staff ask your patients about their social followers in a conversational way or check out their stats on Instagram and Facebook and ask them how they got so many followers. They will be happy to brag about it.

Patient reviews are huge in our industry. The most effective way to get reviews is to ask for them once the patient is healed and ecstatic about their new look.

But make it easy for them. If they don’t have a Gmail account, set one up for them. If they don’t know what to say, give them starter sentences like these:

I wanted plastic surgery because I was unhappy with my ______________
I chose Dr. Smith because _______________
Dr. Smith and his staff were __________ during my surgical journey.
How I feel now ____________________
It’s the patient’s story that is so interesting to other prospective patients who want to experience that story also.

Before/After Photos
Cosmetic patients love to “see” your work and “the more the merrier”.

Develop a protocol (just like you do for surgery) for your processes to get your patients before AND after photos, along with consent.

Set up a photo room or corner/closet in your practice with the same lightening and angles so your photos are uniform and professional looking.

Even if they won’t agree to broadcast their photos all over the Internet, they may be ok if you show prospective patients during their consultation.

And here’s a tip about photos…a prospective patient wants to see themselves in your photos so have a variety of ethnicities and ages for them to preview.

­­Turn Your Staff into Walking/Talking Testimonials
People tend to adopt the opinions or actions of people they trust so turn your staff into your free sales ambassadors.

There is nothing more compelling than a prospective patient seeing another cosmetic patient standing in front of them who has already experienced plastic surgery from you.

Your staff can share her story and show would-be patients their results.

Have your staff consent to the use of their photos, written testimonial, and shoot a video testimonial to use in social media and YouTube.

When a prospective patient is in for a consultation for a particular procedure, have that staff person spend a minute with the prospective patient showing off their result.

Valid reasons that encourages people to consider Port Charlotte Florida Homes for Sale

When more workers get pay rise, employment offers overwhelm, and businesses boom, then those are good signs of healthy economy. That is what we see in Florida for quite some time.

Value of national output in Port Charlotte

The ability for families, to distribute more funds into diversified areas like children education, wellness programs, and investments, shall shoot up with higher real income potential. That is why GDP is an important metric for the realtors. The GDP growth was 3.73% last year, and experts have calculated that the growth rate is supposed to increase significantly by 0.9% this year.

The forecast for the following years is positive, with an opening GDP percentage increase of more than 4.30% in five years in Florida State. This goes to show that this is going to be a wonderful spot for people to move into, not only for their after-retirement lifestyle but also for getting a permanent residence status. Watch out for the best Port Charlotte Florida Homes for Sale.

Current economical situation in the USA

With this new financial step, the exchange rate can help you make a hefty promise every time. The change in the rate of interest is also one of the most important reasons why you should consider real estate investments to be one of the most lucrative financial moves. Every other property out here in Florida has its intrinsic value. That is true particularly for the North port Florida homes for sale by owner. This sector’s investments cannot be compared to other options such as mutual fund trades or stocks. The local real estate industry is dynamic and always in appreciation, going through the transition.

The ever bullish real estate sector

The international housing market operates differently. If there is any decline that you see evidently in one of the markets, like the raw material requirements for construction, construction equipment, or handling materials, then that can significantly include an increase in the value of the real estate investments that you make well in time. Because of the contrasting nature of this industry, people are bound to make major profits by investing in the Florida real estate market. If you see a steady decline in the real estate market in your local city or town, then your best option is to consider North port Florida homes for sale by owner.

It is said so because the majority of the real estate markets in both developing and developed nations across the world are not comparable to the growth potential and profit percentage in this Florida real estate market today. Your perfect vacation home to chill out during your holidays will just be your Florida villa. On the other hand, when you are far away, there are property management companies of the reputed kind that will take care of your property.

Managing properties is easier for foreign investors

You can rest assured about the safety and security of your property while they are using advanced automated tools to send your daily home sitting reports. It becomes a secondary source of income while also giving you the advantage of owning the best recreational place in the US for you and your family members. The local climatic conditions, the wonderful scenery, and the cosmopolitan population are also reasons for you to consider this to be your best investment portfolio.

Compared to the local real estate investors, foreign investors have an upper hand and lower risk. The recession has affected the economies of developed nations, including America. So it is understandable that stock investment can be a risky business, especially in this new normal. As you can see in some of the premium virtual platforms for training, the values of even the premium stocks are falling. Under these circumstances, a sensible investment opportunity with a better appreciation for your money will just be these safe Port Charlotte Florida Homes for Sale that are open now in Florida. It does not fluctuate like stock values or because of economic fluctuations at any point in time.

Even though there are so many reasons for you to consider this safe option of investing in real estate, the main aspect is that the state governments have formulated various tax breaks. Any investor is going to find this kind of encouragement a morale booster. This kind of motivation is not available in many of the developed countries in the world. Some other countries frown upon foreigners who are willing to invest in their local real estate properties. Mortgage options are quite attractive and that is also increasing the number of foreign investors buying Port Charlotte Florida Homes for Sale.

How to smoothly buy valuable Englewood Florida homes for sale near beach

Serene Surroundings, clean blue waters, less traffic, lot of parks, and café, could be ideal place for retirement life as you invest in these Englewood Florida homes for sale near beach. Foreign investors are exempted from the 30% tax on the gross revenue that applies to local investors who fall under the category of portfolio investments.

Organizing funds

The taxes for the corporations in the real estate industry are going to be different. The federal tax rules for the real estate sector can be different from the state tax rules and regulations. If you are aware of all these things, then you can save quite a lot of money by cutting down on the unwanted taxes that you may have to pay otherwise. It is for this reason that you will need a real estate accountant who is reliable to cut down on your expenditure and manage your finances effectively.

In that case, tax ramifications can be handled easily. If you are going to buy property in Florida for investment purposes, then this is the ideal procedure that you can follow to comply with all other aspects related to the investment accounting procedures.

Registration and taxations

Even though it is a completely agreeable fact that investing in Florida real estate is always going to be a beneficial option, it is also equally important for you to understand the money transfer rules as a foreign investor. The title-holding rules and the Florida taxation regulations are also equally important for you to understand before you sign the contract or the registration papers. If you are planning to buy a property in Florida, keep in mind that there are different types of properties and different purposes for which you are purchasing a property. Englewood Florida homes for sale near beach are great.

Title transfer

You will enter into your disclosure agreement depending on the type of property and the purpose for which you are purchasing a property. It all depends upon the type of property that you are going to buy and also the purpose for what you are going to buy. Based on the disclosure agreement, tax levies are going to vary. You need to document everything before the title transfer happens.

Even a single dollar transaction towards a photocopying of papers needs bill. If the overall fund transfer into the United States of America is more than $9999, then there is a special report that has been forwarded to the federal government regulatory authorities. Just in case, there may be a review of the source and the purpose. Where did the money come from? This is what the scrutiny is all about when you invest in the Englewood Florida homes for sale near beach.

Escrow and title firms

It is also helpful for you to cut down on unwanted expenditure by documenting everything related to your financial office as a foreign investor. Registered documents will be useful for you to provide to federal authorities about the source of your income. This is especially true for cash purchases in the Florida real estate market. This is aimed at preventing money laundering activities in the USA. It is mandatory for all the banks and financial institutions, as well as the real estate brokers, escrow and title firms, to report with the relevant documents for all the financial transfers that are happening for more than $9999.

While submitting the papers, the legal sources of the money transferred are important to include too. There are easy financing options for Englewood Florida homes for sale near beach. Bank statements are important to include in the papers that you submit to the federal authorities as a legal source of income. The amount of money that you paid as taxes and also that account statement for investment has to be included. When all the papers are completely clean, then it is possible for you to get support and assistance in the form of tax levy waivers and other considerations gauging options from both the government and private sectors. That is how I Sell My House Fast in Southwest Florida.

As long as you are going to buy the property totally in cash, then there is a big possibility for you to get deep discounts from the majority of the Realtors in the USA. At the same time, there is a chance for you to close the deals faster. Eight out of 10 shareholders of their properties in Florida are willing to transact with cash and close the deal faster rather than dragging the deal for a long time. It helps sell My House Fast in Southwest Florida.

How To Present Web Designs To A Client

It is important to ensure that your client approves of your web design before you start going too much into detail with the coding and development of the website, just in case you need to make little (or drastic) changes. It can be difficult for some clients to understand that they are just seeing a mock-up and not the actual website itself. So, what are the best ways to present web designs to clients, minimising the amount of confusion and questions?

Upload an image of the website to a web page and send the client the link

This method is much easier for your clients to identify with, as their web design is appearing much as it would if it was live. It can, however, raise many questions on the client’s behalf (such as ‘why don’t any of the links work?’), as some of them will believe that what they are looking at is an actual website.

Email the client a JPEG or PNG

This method is probably the simplest way of getting your web design mock up to the client, however, it can cause issues on the client’s end. Some people will only have a small screen resolution, meaning that the image may shrink when opened, making it very difficult for the client to view the mock up and raising additional questions (such as ‘why is the website so small?’).

Export the mock up in PDF

This method is able to prevent the issues encountered above with emailing the client the mock up, as the image won’t be opened in their default image viewing software – it will need to be opened in Adobe Reader. This means that the web design mock up will be the size that you want, and the client will not feel as if they are looking at the real thing.

Ask the client to meet with you in your office

This method is definitely the most preferred when it comes to presenting web designs to clients, as it allows you to show them in the format that it appears best in and for the two of you to discuss any queries or concerns face to face. With both your and their busy work schedules, however, this method is not always possible in practice.

These are by no means the only ways to present web designs to clients – some web designers prefer to create a ‘client studio’ that clients can log into when they wish to view a mock up, whilst others will send the clients printed versions of the design – they are the easiest and most preferred methods of many. It is also important to remember that, whatever method you use, the client will generally have a few questions.

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